Oregon Garden Sheds, Greenhouses, Outbuildings and More by Affordable Space
Oregon Garden Sheds, Greenhouses, Outbuildings and More by Affordable Space
Gallery of Garden Sheds, Greenhouses, Outbuildings, Storage Units, Hot Houses, Work Sheds and More
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Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions.

  1. How much!
    8 x 8 $4200
    8 x 12 $4800
    8 x 16 $5900
    8 x 16 x 10 $6900
    Delivered, complete and leveled. Every building is made to order so you can have anything you want.
    (There will be an additional delivery charge outside of Lincoln County)
  2. Will I need a permit?
    No. (Section R05.2-1 2000 international residential code). You will have to observe proximity to lot lines and local covenants and ordinances. I will be happy to help you with this.
  3. Will I pay more property tax?
  4. Will these things take the wind?
    Yes. Polycarb panels will not fray on the edges, fatigue from repeated bending, or crack when struck by flying debris. They are fastened every 6 inches to 2 x 4 purlins 2' O. C. by 1 1/2 inches gasket head screws. The all pressure treated superstructure has joint connections that compress when moved, more like a boat framed than typical western framing. For extreme applications, helical piers or guy wire anchors are available.
  5. Do I need level ground?
    In fact, you may use your building as a bridge. The 6 x 6 treated skids are sufficient to support the entire building from end to end plus a 2000 pound load.
  6. Is this polycarbonate like plastic?
    Acrylic (plexi-glass), PVC, polyethylene, and fiberglass are all light transmitting materials that break down under UV radiation and become cloudy and brittle. they are also porous enough to allow black mold penetration. Polycarbonate, also known as lexan or bulletproof glass, is a far superior material that remains clear, strong, and flexible.
  7. How do your buildings stay dry?
    Ventilation. The only way to keep an unheated space dry is to continually change the air. This is accomplished from bottom to top by a flue effect at the ridge. In addition, the floor is off the ground and well ventilated underneath. The floor and all of the framing are pessure treated with copper so they will not mold.
  8. Can I make changes?
    Yes. By all means. Every building is made to order so you can have exactly what you want. Some common extras are:
    • Dutch doors
    • custom windows
    • extra stainless steel
    • steps and ramps
    • benches and shelves
    • lofts

    Use your imagination!

  9. Can I learn more about the technical data?
    Yes. Click here to read the technical data.
  10. How can I get polycarbonate panels for other house projects?  ProBuild in Newport is a fully stocked dealer with good pricing.  541-265-2221.  They also stock Penofin Brazilian rosewood oil finish.
  11. Can I put windows in my building?
    Yes - anything that goes in a house can go into an Affordable Space building.  Gray's Bargain Yard in South Beach stocks a full line of vinyl windows at very affordable prices.  They also have many used or one-of-a-kind windows and doors to dress up your buildings without spending a fortune.  541-867-7162.
  12. What can I do with these buildings anyway?
    • Greenhouse
    • Covered Bridge
    • Sportsman's Cottage
    • Workshop
    • Crafting Studio
    • Private Retreat
    • Remote Office
    • Kids Clubhouse
    • Motorcycle Garage
    • Backyard Sports Bar
    • Vintage Auto Storage
    • Weight Room
    • Hobby Barn
    • Pantry/Storage
    • Hot Tub Enclosure